Book One in the Blossom Inlet Series

Welcome to Blossom Inlet…
​Where Memories are Made and Secrets are Protected.

Leora Van Leer has serious commitment issues. Why wouldn’t she? Her mother abandoned her like an unwanted kitten right after she was born, and she has no idea who her father is.

When Leora inherits her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, she discovers that she must live in and operate it for one year, or ownership will go to a children’s foundation. It seems simple enough, but she has a history of running as fast as a steak of lightning every time she becomes too attached to anyone or anything.

As if that’s not enough, she’s also inherited three quirky residents with the bed and breakfast. Miss Sophie has Alzheimer’s and drifts in and out of the now as fast as the snap of a finger. Preacher is a retired minister who takes Bible verse liberties. Eduardo is a young artist with absence seizures, freezing to a statue without warning.

​Everything that can go wrong with reopening the bed and breakfast goes wrong. As well, her controlling mother is determined to steal her inheritance, and a brown-eyed stranger with a lopsided smile has stolen her heart.

While Leora adjusts to a new upside-down life, her mother does the unimaginable, leading Leora to uncover a secret so horrifying her life will never be the same.

She has two options: come to terms with the past and continue the Van Leer Legacy as she promised her grandmother;

or RUN.

Sandra’s Notes

The idea for Bed, Breakfast & Bedbugs came to me in a dream. A story of dark secrets and tragedy while addressing the complexity of family—biological and chosen—kept filling my head. Of course, the protagonist, who was running from commitment because she was abandoned by her mother right after she was born, deserved a wonderful grandmother to raise her. And a title like Bed, Breakfast & Bedbugs required some quirky characters. Right? And love. Yes, I had to give her hope for a fulfilling life. And humor to break the heartbreaking events. Little did I know that five generations of women would demand their own books. And a series was born. Welcome to Blossom Inlet.