Book Two in the Blossom Inlet Series

Welcome to Blossom Inlet, where memories are made and secrets are protected.

Last Waltz in Blossom Inlet, Book 2 in the Blossom Inlet Series, is a dual timeline novel set along the Forgotten Coast of Florida, and follows Izzy and Teddy’s lives from the 1950s and 60s to present day.

Izzy didn’t choose a life without love. Blossom Inlet chose that curse for her, just as it had for her mother and grandmother.

Sixty years after Teddy shattered her teenage heart, he once again stands on her doorstep, begging for a second chance and refusing to leave until she hears him out.

She doesn’t want to believe the sheer number of letters he wrote and the phone calls he made, until a picture of her controlling mother flashes through her mind.

While old feelings of heartbreak and bitterness resurface, Izzy must decide whether to choose love before it’s too late or fulfill her destiny of a loveless life by sending Teddy away.

Last Waltz in Blossom Inlet is about loss, resentment, forgiveness, and coming to realize that even though one person’s secrets and lies can affect the lives of the following generations…

It’s never too late for love.

Sandra’s Notes

I found Izzy and Teddy’s story in Bed, Breakfast & Bedbugs incredibly moving. It made me think of a classmate who reconnected with and married her high school sweetheart later in life. I wanted to give Izzy and Teddy a book of their own—one that went back to 1952 when their young love was innocent and intense, through heartbreak and pain of loveless lives without each other, and on to the present where they reconnect and have a second chance for love.