Prequel to the Blossom Inlet Series

Since 1910, five generations of Van Leer women have lived at the grand Blossom Inlet estate. No sons were born to this lineage. Living in the shadows of dark secrets, each woman has endured great heartache, swearing that Blossom Inlet is cursed and making us question if the land was doomed for tragedy even before Ivalyn Jane Van Leer, referred to as Ivy Jane by family and friends, built the magnificent home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Ivy Jane was a young woman ahead of her time. She wanted to attend university, travel, and make a significant impact on the world before she married—if she married. When she found herself pregnant at barely eighteen, her parents shipped her far away from Amsterdam to the small town of Apalachicola, Florida, to marry a man who promised to take care of Ivy Jane and her baby—for the right price, of course.

Deserted by her new husband, Ivy Jane scratched and clawed through one traumatic event at after another, with two things in mind: to provide for her daughter and to make something of her life.

Sandra’s Notes

Once I decided to continue Bed, Breakfast & Bedbugs by writing a series around the Van Leer women, it seemed appropriate to start with Ivalyn Jane (1890-1947). The first woman to harbor a secret so dark that surely she had cursed Blossom Inlet. A prequel to tell how it all began.