​Shoe in the Road

Reeling with humiliation and heartbreak after learning that her husband  has slept with half the women in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, Boston Calbreth is on the run. She packs up her 1960 Coupe de Ville convertible, and with her grandmother’s ashes riding shotgun, heads south. 

But nobody leaves Charlie.

Seeking refuge in the small town of Apalachicola, tucked away along the Forgotten Coast of Florida, she fears she will never escape her husband’s wrath, and wonders if a grungy old cat and something as simple as a shoe, not to mention a handsome stranger, can change the course of her life.

Sandra’s Notes

While driving one day, I saw a shoe in the road. I thought what an intriguing book title “Shoe in the Road” would be. The story came to life, and as I developed the characters and plot, I understood, strange as it might sound, how something as simple as a shoe could change the course of someone’s life.