Tears of Sand

​Estranged from her father and left with the task of taking care of her alcoholic, sex-addicted mother, Plata Hartman has had a conflicted and confusing life, robbing her of a normal childhood and leaving her unsure of where she fits in.

A heart-wrenching tragedy strikes, showing her that the course of one’s life can change in a split second—as fast as a bolt of lightning.

​In her search to come to terms with this devastating event, life-altering secrets unfold, and Plata finds herself returning to her past on a dangerous, spine-chilling journey to rescue—perhaps kidnap a child.

Sandra’s Notes

Tears of Sand took a few years to write. Primarily because I fought the idea that little old me could write and publish a book. After writing a little here and a little there for three or four years, two things slapped me upside the head. First, my husband suggested I fish or get off the pot. And then, I read something so darn profound, it encouraged me to get my act together and finish the story. Someone wrote “done is better than perfect.”